We’ve got a Spaceship, we’ve got a band, we’ve got some large ass plans!

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What happens when a bunch of cool, creative, semi-corporate humans with a wide variety of talents come together with a mutual passion for DIY, expression and most of all - having fun? Well, Hobo Spaceship of course!

The group of friends and strangers alike first formed by participating in a 48 hour film contest. In one frantic fast-paced weekend they were able to write a short story, build sets from scratch, write and record an original soundtrack, and film, edit and animate the final product. After years of competing and looking forward to that one weekend of the year the group wanted a way to collaborate on a more frequent basis. And that was all facilitated by the purchase of a loft space on Chicago’s East Garfield Park by Dave Hobo Harding.

The group now had a home base where they could film, jam, collect, build, and create with their ever expanding network of creative friends. They went on to create five 48 hour films with accompanying soundtracks, more than 1,000 recordings in over 60 sessions of the groups “Get it Off Your Chest”, a large scale jam party held every friday as a way to unwind. 3 variety shows and 2 concerts. Although we have moved on from our physical location in East Garfield Park we continue the jamming, collaboration and creativity.