Drummer, Producer, Beatmaker, Music Educator.

Hobo spaceship Variety Show - numero Tres

Live remix and drumming set by Okay Tony at Hobo Spaceship's Variety Show #3, May 2nd 2015. This performance combines elements of songwriting, remixing, live looping, post-production and controller-based sound manipulation using Ableton Live. Hobo Spaceship's variety shows encompass a world of multimedia entertainment with comedy, music, green screen visuals amongst many layers of DIY insanity.

Come Together (Okay Tony Live Remix)

Live remix of "Come Together" filmed with multiple cameras on the Hobo Spaceship green screen.


Truth In Tones Party

Truth In Tones ~ an audiovisual musical happening highlighting innovative artforms. Featuring Luke Sequeira & Tony Gilbert-Davis (OkayTony) debuting their electro acoustic Live PA duo, REVRRVNGE. They aim to evolve the format of electronic music by incorporating improvisation, live drums, live looping and multiple sound-sources. They bring cutting-edge technology back to an organic place, far from the push-and-play attitude that is commonplace.